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By now you should realize we have a little bit of everything!

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Beef Steaks (Rib Eye, T-Bone, Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Cube Steaks)

Beef Roast (Chuck, Arm, Pikes Peak, Tri Tip, Rump, Prime Rib, Brisket)

Beef Bones & Organs (Cooking Bones, Soup Bones, Neck Bones, Oxtail, Tongue, Heart, Liver)

Ground Beef (Hamburger Patties, 1 lb packs, 5 lb boxes, 1 lb bulk, Boston Burger – Beef & Pork blend)


Cuts (Steak, Roast, Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Pork Chops, Loin, Fresh Side)

Pork Sausuage – Link or Bulk (Mild, Medium, Hot, Andouille, Polish)

Pork Fresh Brats (Kempf’s Brats, Kempf’s Brats w/cheese, Kempf’s Brats w/Jalapeno & Cheese, Onion & Garlic, Parmesan Garlic, Cheeseburger Cheddarwurst, Buffalo Bleu Cheese)

Pork Bacon – Cured & Sliced (Hickory Smoked, Black Peppered Bacon, Jalapeno Bacon, Unsliced Bacon – Kopchenka, Natural Bacon – No Nitrites Added, Bacon Ends & Pieces)

Pork Ham (Hocks, Roasts, Steaks)


Lamb Chops

Lamb Steak

Leg of Lamb

Lamb Ribs

Lamb Shanks

Lamb Burger



Burger Patties

Buffalo Summer Sausage


Whole Chicken

Whole Cut Up Chicken

Jumbo Chicken Breasts

Sliced Chicken Breasts 



Swai Fillets

Pollock Fillets

Smoked Salmon Fillets

Deli Cheeses

American Cheese                                        Colby Cheese

Bruschetta Jack Cheese                              Farmers Cheese

Green Onion Cheese                                   Guggisberg Baby Swiss

Horseradish Cheese                                    Hot Pepper Cheese

Jalapeno Habanero Cheddar                      Lacey Baby Swiss

Marble Cheese                                             Mozzarella Cheese

Muenster Cheese                                        Pepper Jack Cheese

Provolone Cheese                                       Sharp Cheddar

Troyer’s Swiss Cheese                                Smoked Cheddar

Deli Meats

Chopped Ham                   Deluxe Bologna

Hard Salami                       Honey Cured Ham

Off the Bone Ham             Pan Roasted Turkey

Pickle Loaf                         Roasted Turkey Breast

Sandwich Pepperoni        Sweet Lebanon Bologna

Tavern Smoked Turkey     Virginia Ham

Local Made Jams

Apricot                                      Blackberry

Black Raspberry                      Blueberry

Boysenberry                            Cherry

Gooseberry                              Peach

Pineapple                                 Plum

Red Raspberry                        Rhubarb

Strawberry                              Strawberry-Rhubarb

Triple Treat Jalapeno

Local Made Jellies

Apple                                     Cinnamon Apple

Blackberry                             Black Raspberry

Blueberry                               Boysenberry

Cherry                                    Elderberry

Gooseberry                            Grape

Hot & Sweet Jalapeno           Red Raspberry


All Natural Fruit Juice Sweetened Sugar Free Jams

Apple Butter                                         Apricot

Blackberry                                            Black Raspberry

Blueberry                                              Boysenberry

Cherry                                                   Gooseberry

Peach                                                    Red Raspberry

Strawberry                                           Strawberry-Rhubarb




Black Pepper



Hickory Peppered

Honey Glazed

Spicy Teriyaki

Sweet Barbecue

smoked Products

Smoked Brisket

Smoked Salmon Fillets

Smoked Andouille

Smoked Egg & Bacon Breakfast Brats

Hickory Smoked Bacon & Ham

Beef Summer Sausage (Original, Barbecue, Cheese, Jalapeno & Cheese)

Beef Snack Sticks (Original, Barbecue, Cheese, Jalapeno & Cheese)

Buffalo Summer Sausage

Jar Goods

Bartlett Pears                                Black Bean Salsa

Bread & Butter Pickles                 Corn Salsa

Candied Jalapenos                        Hamburger Dill Pickles

Mild, Medium, & Hot Salsa           Pickled Baby Beets

Pickled Beet Eggs                         Pickled Jalapeno Eggs

Pickled Gherkins                           Pickled Asparagus

Pickled Okra                                  Peach Halves

Peach Salsa                                   Sweet Garlic Dill Pickles

Sweet Flame Pickles                     Sweet Hot Habanero Pickles

Sauerkraut                                     Southern Mild Chow Chow

specialty Cheese/Curds

German Quark                                      Aged Cheddar

Smoked Cheddar                                 Hi Temp Diced Cheddar

Cheddar Curds                                     Creamy Ranch Curds

Garlic Herb Curds                                Garlic Dill Curds

Jalapeno Habanero Curds                   Smoked Cheddar Curds

Taco Spice Curds

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